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Nordic Marine Service A/S work wherever our clients demand our services, in, on or by the water in Denmark as well as abroad.

Nordic Marine Service is a dynamic company that, since the beginning of 1990, has expanded. We serve a broad range of clients, from individuals to large multinational companies.

All of our customers are equally important. The tasks are carried out wherever the client demands - on land or at sea - both and Denmark as well as abroad.

 At Nordic Marine Service we have several fully equipped and specially built dive / service trucks that meets all safety requirements. We perform tasks at sea with our dive vessels, which have specially built dive container and/or equipment, which enable us to dive directly from the vessels.
  • Dive / Service trucks 
  • Dive vessels
  • Dive container
  • Offshore dive systems 
  • Workshop

En af vores klejnsmede, Oliver, har altid drømt om at blive dykker og denne drøm bliver snart til virkelighed… 

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During an inspection on one the vessels in Svendborg, the diver was visited by the dolphin Delle...

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Offshore wind farms are becoming more prevalent across the globe and form part of the ... 

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Nordic Marine Service A/S performs many construction projects both under water and above the water, ranging from short assignments to turnkey contracts

If you need help solving a task, we are here to help you

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