Nordic Marine Service has various types of gear, which are described below: 

  • Dive / service trucks 
  • Dive container
  • Offshore dive systems
  • Decompression chamber and dive control system
  • Dive vessels
  • Workshop
  • Office and warehouse
Feel free to contact us for further technical specifications 
or other information about our equipment 

Service / dive trucks

Nordic Marine Service A/S has several trucks that serves our clients both in Denmark and abroad. 

We emphasize that our gear and material is mobile, so that we can serve the customers as best as possible and in the places where the customers want the work done. Therefore the trucks are fully equipped with diving equipment, tools and welfare facilities. 

  • 125 m diving umbilical.
  • 20.000 liters air bank
  • Light and videocamera
  • 2-way communication Amron
  • Diving with hot water unit
  • High pressure compressor Bauer
  • High pressure cleaner
  • Welding unit
  • Various air tools
  • Various tools
  • Oxygen / gas cutting torch
  • Underwater cutting torch
  • Platform  
  • Safety equipment
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Dive container

For long-term contracts or tasks at sea, we can bring 10 or 20-foot containers, which are well equipped workshops and wellfare facilities. All containers can be shipped to any destination in the world.


Feel free to ask for further information about the diving container. 

Offshore dive systems

Nordic Marine Service A/S has an offshore diving system, which we use for offshore requirements. The system is built for 3 divers, it is also possible to dive on Nitrox.

We have a 20 food container with an approved decompression chamber.

The dive system can be used either on land or on a vessel.
Feel free to contact us for further specifications 

Dive vessels

M/V Seaworker

Is a multifunctional diving vessel that has both a workshop container and diving equipment such as diving control panel, diving umbilical, helmets with mounted light and video and diving radio with Amron. The ships performs many different tasks for our customers, including: 

  • Various diving tasks
  • Inspections
  • Repair
  • Salvage
  • Cable work
  • Marine and environmental studies
  • Pipelines
  • ROV services
  • Contractor service
  • Seabed inspections 





M/V Seadiver

Is designes as an ROV and diving vessel for 2 divers. On board there is diving equipment such as diving control panel, diving umbilical, helmets with light and video and diving radio with Amron.

The ship performs many different tasks including: 

  • Various diving tasks
  • Inspections
  • Repair
  • ROV service
  • Marine and environmental studies

ROV service

ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)-technology makes it possible to inspect below the surface. This can be an advantage in places where it it not possible to send a diver into the water or as a predive inspection. 
We have several ROV pilots who have extensive experience in working underwater. ROV services can be used for several different types of jobs including:  
  • Outlet lines
  • Inspection of water reservoir
  • Seabed inspections
  • Predive inspections
  • Inspections


In our blacksmith workshop, we have out own production of various steel jobs. 


Our skilled blacksmiths guarantee uniform items, as well as high-quality work, so that the clients always gets a satisfactory result. 


We are ready to produce everything from tailor-made tasks to large steel structures. 

Office / Warehouse

We also have 500 m2 workshop and a warehouse in the same location as the main office.

500 kvm værksted og lager med samme beliggenhed som hovedkvarteret. 


Our technicians are specialized and take cake of inspecting and maintaining all diving equipment and other tools. We find a great importance to servicing the equipment and everything is regularly reviewed according to our PMS system. 



If you need help solving a task, we are here to help you

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