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About us

Nordic Marine Service A/S has more than 30 years of commercial diving experience. We perform diving services of all kinds. Our divers are well trained and have the best equipment.


We are always - at short notice - ready to solve any type of diving task. 


Diving services can consist of many different tasks, both above and below the water. Nordic Marine Service is a competent diving company with main office in Svendborg, with departments in both Rødby and Copenhagen. We carry out all types of diving services in Denmark and abroad.


Our customers can expect to find excellent skills and get efficient work done when they work with Nordic Marine Service A/S.

NMS is a diving company with a focus on quality, teamwork and safety.

Nordic Marine Service A/S is approved by The Danish Maritime Authority and has a license for commercial diving.

Vi er ISO 9001 certificeret

Nordic Marine Service are approved by following Class Companys for underwater services:

Bureau Veritas                              LIoyds Register                         DNV/GL                       

Nordic Marine Service handles all kinds of under water services. Everything from cathodic protection, concrete work, replacement of wooden poles and replacement of new anchor chains and sheet pile work.


Nordic Marine Service A/S vil med en aktiv indsats højne standarden og kvaliteten af dykkerarbejde


Nordic Marine Services medarbejdere skal være de mest foretrukne håndværkere i dykkerbranchen


I kernen af Nordic Marine Service A/S’ virksomhedskultur står tre grundlæggende værdier; Sikkerhed, Teamwork & Troværdighed


Hos Nordic Marine Service A/S er det vigtigt at vores medarbejdere, kan komme hjem til deres familier i god behold. 


Vi sætter sikkerheden højt og stræber målrettet efter at have en ulykkes procent på 0.


Nordic Marine Service A/S er en virksomhed der i sit daglige virke er afhængig af teamwork. 


Alle i virksomheden er afhængig af samspillet med hinanden for at løse de opgaver vi bliver stillet hver dag. 

Forskelligheden i et team er med til at gøre det stærkt og det er vigtigt at dele sin viden med andre


For Nordic Marine Service A/S er det vigtigt at vi overfor vores kunder og os selv, leverer en høj service, er ærlige og troværdige i det vi gør. 


I Nordic Marine Service A/S står vi inde for det arbejde vi udfører, så alt hvad vi laver tåler dagens lys.

Health - Safety - Environment - Quality

Nordic Marine Service A/S is a company that in our daily work is deeply dependent on team work. Everybody in our company is dependent on the interaction with his/her colleagues in order to solve the tasks that we are faced with every day. The diversity in a team helps to make it strong, and it is important to share one's knowledge with others.  


Our professional divers have many years of experience with diving services, and we have all the best equipment that the diverse diving tasks require of us today. Thus, we can perform diving work of the highest quality and at the same time guarantee safety.

Health & safety

We wishes to prevent injuries and occupational disease, to comply with the organisation's current responsibilities. 

Our motivation for having a health and safety policy:


  • In our company each employee is an important resource. We want this health and safety policy to be a foundation for developing and maintaining good physical and mental working conditions in our company so that our employees thrive, and nobody falls ill because of the work 
  • Each individual shall actively take responsibility for himself/herself and in cooperation with others contribute to improvements within health and safety. 
  • The managers are in their respective fields responsible for the execution of the health and safety policy.  
  • An annual health and safety discussion between management and the employees is to be held in order to optimize the health and safety work


We wishes to protect the environment, to comply with the organisation's current responsibilities (legal requirements and other requirements that we have committed ourselves to comply with) and to continuously improve our environmental management. 

Therefore we want to: 


  •  Ensure that as a company we comply with the current environmental legislation. 
  • Ensure that in our business strategy we work as much as possible to protect the environment. 
  • Ensure that our employees comply with the current environmental legislation. 
  • Ensure that our employees take the environment into consideration as much as possible e.g. by choosing solutions that reduce the use of resources. 
  • Ensure that our employees work with the environment in mind.


The objective of our quality policy is to comply with the agreement that has been made and to deliver the best possible solution for all our clients. 


The above is done by: 


  • ensuring that the task is being discussed thoroughly so that the client's requirements are determined and possible ideas for improvements of the solution considered 
  • Ensuring that as a company we comply with both our own specifications and those of our clients.
  • Ensuring that our employees comply with the current specifications, standards and legislation
  • Ensuring that our quality is documented according to the requirements.
  • Eecuring that in our business strategy we work actively with quality and improvement of our capability 

Documentation and reporting

We can make the exact documentation required by each job and according to the wishes of each client. If desired the work is recorded on video simultaneously with the work being performed. 


Within IRM service our video documentation is supplemented by a separate written report. To obtain uniform documentation for classification companies we have developed our own reporting system used in connection with in-water surveys. 


Under the projects page, you can see a selection of different tasks and news. Our projects include a wide range of solutions from inspections to turn key projects, both nationally and internationally.


You can see more here: 


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If you need help solving a task, we are here to help you

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